A great HTML comparison tool for Linux!

Ok, I’m writing this post in english to make it international.

What it this post about?.. It’s about a HTML/XML file comparison tool called rfcdiff. Why is it so great? Well there are several reasons:

1) It is free.

2) It generates very nice output.

3) It is easy to install and to use.

4) It is a Linux tool.

It took me about 5 minutes to install rfcdiff. The instructions:

1) Download rfcdiff script from it’s site (it’s a script, just right-click on the Current version link and save it anywhere you want.
2) sudo apt-get install diff wdiff (these are the requred packages)

3) chmod+x rfcdiff

4) Run rfcdiff by typing “./rfcdiff file1 file2” in terminal and open the output file with your favourite browser! That’s all!

I’m sure – you won’t be disappointed in this handy tool!


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