External Enclosure (for CD/DVD/HD etc.) in Linux vs. in Windows

Ok, here’s the story. My laptop DVD+-RW is not working very good, so I decided to get an external DVDR. Well, I already had an external enclosure thingy I didn’t use, so I had to get only a DVD to put inside the box. Ok, as usual, I opened up hv.ee and found a dvdr (no ‘w’) for a small price (just what I need). Bought it and stuffed it into the external box. “Ok”, – thought I – “what could be easier – just plug the USB connector and voila – it’s working!”. Well, not exactly. Turns out that Windows does not know what an external enclosure is. It sees the freaking device (I mean, he sees that there IS SOME device) but does nothing to install it. Ok, apparently I just need to install the drivers. Oh! What a surprise! Drivers are on a CD (yeah, I know, this is the easiest method to distribute drivers – USB sticks are too expencive and floppies are too old)! Well, ok, not a problem. I google for drivers. Good lord, there they are! I download them, extract and run the setup.exe. Ok, the setup doesn’t ask me anything (ok with me if he knows what he’s doin’). Countless error messages appear on the screen (I didn’t count, but believe me – there were many of ’em). And after that “installation” process Windows finally starts seeing the CD in the external enclosure (considering all these error messages that was really a shock for me!). Well, that went nice.

Now, lets try Linux (Ubuntu Edgy Eft). I boot up, enable the external enclosure (with the CD already inside). Ok, it works. Ubuntu automatically mounted it. Yay!


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