Equalizer in Linux players

Today I want to write about equalizers in Linux players (duh!).

What about them? Well, there is a LOT of (audio)players for Linux and most of them do not have an equalizer. That is quite strange, since this is a must-have feature in an audio player, don’t you think? I do. I have tried a lot of players and here is a very short list:

  • Rhythmbox (no eq)
  • Listen (no eq)
  • BMPx (no eq that is VERY strange, since BMP has one)
  • Banshee (no eq)
  • Muine (no eq)
  • Quod Libet (no eq)
  • XMMS (has an eq, but ugly and discontinued… and no library)
  • BMP (eq present, but no library)
  • Zinf (god, no!)
  • Exaile (this was mentioned by Igor, but still no eq, I found an open ticket, saying that this feature is in the developement)

Well, I think this is quite a complete list of popular players. Did you notice that one great player is not on the list? Yeah, that’s right! Amarok’s not there. Why? Because it is the only player with ALL the features I need (music library, dynamic playlists, last.fm and an EQUALIZER!). I don’t know about you, but I like my music playback to be juicy and rich. If I listen to power metal I want it to be POWER metal. Well, as I said, Amarok is the best (except that it ruins my GTK style and adds QT to the system, which I usually don’t have, but I can live with that).

To say the truth I am disappointed in Linux audio players. I know that Rhythmbox development team is talking about implementing an eq, but I want it now.

By the way, on the second place for me is Listen player, which is quite nice and I prefer Amarok over it only because of the eq. If in the future Listen will feature an eq I will switch back to using it.


29 Responses to Equalizer in Linux players

  1. ram32 says:

    so, and where Audacious? 🙂

  2. Я тоже изучал данный вопрос, т.к ночью надо сбавить басы, а никак 😦
    Щаз юзаю BMP (без “х”), эквалайзер здесь левый, залил настройки с винампа, но всё равно не то.
    Для Банши есть плагин, поищи. Я не ставил, ибо Банши и его желание копировать ВСЁ в одну папку есть ЗЛО.

    >except that it ruins my GTK style
    Ставишь kcontrol и gtk2-engines-gtk-qt . Запускаешь к-контрол, ставишь let GTK use my QT themes и ВЕСЬ гном и ВСЕ ГТК будут как QT.

  3. > so, and where Audacious?
    Yes! I forgot about that. But, again, it has no music library as I recall. Correct me if I’m wrong. I know, I know – it has an eq.

    > Ставишь kcontrol и gtk2-engines-gtk-qt . Запускаешь к-контрол, ставишь let GTK use my QT themes и ВЕСЬ гном и ВСЕ ГТК будут как QT.
    Ах ты старый извращенец! Метлой тебя поганой за такие кощунственные фразочки 😀

  4. Igor says:

    mpd maintainers strongly believe that software equaliser sucks…

  5. Igor says:

    I didn’t noticed amarok in your post, sorry. Try exaile… As I can understand it is amarok for gtk+ =)

  6. Igor, thanks for another player for my list, but do you know if it has an eq or you just know that it is an Amarok clone?

  7. > Ах ты старый извращенец! Метлой тебя поганой за такие кощунственные фразочки 😀
    Я это ни ни 🙂 Я КДЕ заценивал, а он даже в Гноме наследил.
    Приэтом Иксы жрали втрое!! больше ресурсов и тем для КДЕ нормальных нету =)
    В КДЕ, к слову, ничего интресного нет, можешь систему не мучать 😉

    >Try exaile… As I can understand it is amarok for gtk+ =)
    Excellent! Thanks!!

  8. Igor says:

    exaile is Amarok clone. Here’s a quote from it’s website: “Exaile is a media player aiming to be similar to KDE’s AmaroK, but for GTK+”. I just don’t know if it has equalizer…
    mpd doesn’t have any equalizer: “No, there’s no equalizer for MPD, nor are there plans for such a beast. Any kind of software that fiddles with frequencies like this can also be concidered distortion, and it is concidered a much better thing to do this in hardware. Cheap amplifiers/equalizers can be found at a pawn shop for about $20 bucks. Alternatively, you may be able to find a jack output plug-in to do what you want.”

  9. Ok, tiday I installed Exaile and there was no eq there. So, for me, Amarok is still the best, but thanks to Igor, my list of popular audio players is now more complete 😀 The truth is that all these players are basicly the same. They have very similar features and noone has something unique. So every player I install and test looks different from previous player, but the functionality is absolutely the same.

  10. By the way, what mpd said is bullshit. I don’t have an exernal eq and I don’t think, that I’m going to get one soon. Besides, if it can be done in the audio player – why do I need to spend 20$ on an external eq? Total crap. It’s like – I won’t type this document in OpenOffice Writer, because I can write it with a pen on a sheet of paper! That’s just ridiculous.

  11. Exaile installed on Dapper, but it didn’t start. It doesn’t see one python library, though it is installed and all dependencies are solved 😦

    >They have very similar features
    Yezz, they play music 😛

    >noone has something unique
    Banshee has a unique function to f**k up you music library >:O Been there, done that 😦

  12. > Exaile installed on Dapper, but it didn’t start.
    Switch to Edgy! 😀
    To say the truth, Exaile did not resolve my personal dependencies, so I ‘aptitude purge exaile’-ed it.

  13. David says:

    Equalizer has been added (SVN) in BMPx few days ago : http://cia.navi.cx/stats/project/bmpx/.message/2316cf

  14. Ian says:

    I found your post from a google search as I want a music equalizer for Ubuntu linux. I used to use Amarok (1.4x) for this reason but for some reason Amarok 2 is crippled!

    Can anyone either tell me how to enable the advanced functions in Amarok 2, tell me where to get Amarok1.4.deb, or just help me find a good equalizer?

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Mihai says:

    LADSPA can be used as a system wide equalizer

  16. Ну, как сказать, понравилось 🙂 Хотя я все равно практически ничего не понял. 🙂

  17. Бедность учит, а счастье портит. 🙂

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  26. flomyTolowemn says:

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