My list of Linux must-have programs

Well, since must-have programs’ lists are so popular at the moment, I decided to post mine. Here goes:

  • Firefox, Epiphany @ Internet surfing
  • Thunderbird @ Email client
  • Amarok @ Music player
  • Totem, VLC @ Video player
  • Metal Blob Solid @ Favourite game :love:
  • Baobab @ Disk usage analyzer
  • ParolaPass @ Password generator (I just don’t like to manually generate passwords)
  • GEdit @ Simple text editor
  • F-Spot @ Photo management
  • Gimp @ Photo editing (used rarely, but very handy when in need for a photo editor)
  • Azureus @ Torrent client
  • Connection Manager @ Wireless network browser/connector
  • Gaim, XChat @ Chatting
  • gFTP @ FTP client (sometimes annoying, but still the best I’ve seen)
  • OpenOffice Writer @ No comments 😀
  • Zend Studio @ PHP coding
  • Eclipse @ Java coding
  • Anjuta @ C++ coding
  • MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Administrator @ MySQL management

Well, that’s it! By the way, did you know that the Windows version of XChat costs 19.99$?..


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