The best linux FTP client: FileZilla

Hello, today I want to tell you about my search for a nice FTP client. First things first – I’ve been using gFTP for a long time and I find it to be nice, but to say the truth it lacks some features and is quite buggy. There is no recursive chmod, it crashes every time when internet stops working (this is important, since I use WiFi all the time), it waits 30 seconds if he got disconnected from server (and I haven’t found a way to stop this except restarting gFTP). That is not all, but I think that you get the point🙂

And this is the best FTP client I knew for my Ubuntu Edgy until now. Today I found out that the FileZilla FTP client is being made cross-platform. I use that one all the time in Windows and let me put it short – “IT ROCKS!!!”. No, really, it has a very nice site manager, it does not crash (not once since I installed it on Windows and I’ll need some time to see how it goes under linux), has a great user interface, transfer queue and so on. Also it allows you to install themes (icons for buttons) ^_^

Overall, I find FileZilla to be the best choise for Linux. It is still in beta, but it is A LOT more stable that gFTP. So, if you have Ubuntu Edgy installed and you’re wiling to try it out – “apt-get install filezilla”! Don’t know about others, but Edgy repositories have it.

And in the end I’ll post an overview and features from FileZilla official site:


FileZilla is a fast and reliable FTP client for windows with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface.


Among others, the features of FileZilla include the following:

  • Easy to use
  • Multilingual (English, German, French, Japanese, just to name a few)
  • Strong encryption support using SFTP over SSH and FTP over SSL/TLS
  • Supports transfer resuming and files larger than 4 GiB
  • Site Manager
  • Queue support
  • Proxy support
  • Speed limits
  • MODE Z transfer compressing
  • … and more!

5 Responses to The best linux FTP client: FileZilla

  1. And that’s what this guy does on ASP.NET lectures😛

  2. Igor says:

    Thanks, I didn’t know it🙂, I’ve been using Konqueror as FTP client =)

  3. >>>And that’s what this guy does on ASP.NET lectures
    Not only on ASP.NET lectures😉

    >>>Thanks, I didn’t know it🙂, I’ve been using Konqueror as FTP client =)
    Well, I can’t compare FileZilla to Konqueror, since I use Gnome. I’m glad that you find this post useful (this blog lacks useful posts!) %)

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