Linux Application Developement

God! I really love Linux (especially Ubuntu), I really do. But! Please, someone tell me how the hell is anyone supposed to develop GUI apps here? I know, I know. There are tons of development tools. Glade, MonoDevelop, Anjuta etc. But! I tried them. The only friendly tool was MonoDevelop. But really, I created a Gtk# program (project to be exact) and just screamed! Why you ask? Because I tried to crate a button. It created. No problem. Then I thought that it would be nicer if the button had a pretty background image. Know what? IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO SET A BACKGROUND!!! That sucks big time. I do not need this ugly button with no-good design. Oh, oh. And one more thing. I certainly tried to compile the thing and it DIDN’T work. Because the assembly was not found. Now what the hell is that?.. EVERY dev tool in Linux I saw in NOTHING compared to MSVS (which I use all the time). Nothing I tell you. And don’t try telling me stories about real programmers who can make everything possible. I don’t need the freaking routine! I need a good IDE where I can forget about details. I need normal control out-of-the-box. With options. With yummy features and stuff. Look at .NET! You call Mono a .NET analogue? B-u-l-l-s-h-i-t. Mono is a zillion kilometers away from .NET. Not even a bit close. Well, I know, it’s not version 1.0 at all. But what the point PR-ing it so much? Almost full System.Windows.Forms? Where? Oh, oh, MonoDevelop has a VS2005 project import. Yeah. Sure. It imports. With a detail that nothing works. Edit my GUI code in source view? Do I look like crazy? No way I’m going to do that.

Now, the point is, linux REALLY needs something like MSVS. MonoDevelop is, in my opinion, the closest analog, but it is still far-far away from it. No….. MonoDevelop is even ok, compared to framework.

Oh. One more thing. If you are thinking about writing an angry post about not respecting someone’s work – that’s not right. I think that devs are doing a great job. I really do. I complain about the whole situation. I will never switch to Linux development I guess. I always try to support people doing real things in this world, but in this case I just have to admit – Microsoft is doing a far better job than the Linux world.


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  1. эмм…. я могу вот что сказать:
    VS2005 > KDevelop
    VS2005 > Anjuta
    VS2005 > Code::Blocks
    VS2005 > VIM / Emacs
    VS2005 > Eclipse
    VS2005 > MonoDevelop
    VS2005 Designer > Qt Designer / Glade
    VS2005 > ANY (SELECT * FROM linux_cpp_csharp_IDEs)
    ну нет такого счастья как VS2005 в лине. н-е-т-у. Я сейчас не буду даже от шарпа отталкиваться (который по идее и нужен) – пусть С++. Его тоже более-менее умею. Но это просто факт. Самые удобоваримые ИДЕ – KDevelop, Code::Blocks и MonoDevelop. Но всё равно не то. вим и емакс это вообще из области фантастики – ну не могут они в серьёз рассматриваться как средство разработки нормальных гуишных программ. Нет, можно, конечно, повы*бываться и сделать что-то, но кроме как извращением я это назвать не могу. По-моему, даже теоретически невозможно разрабатывать программу чисто в тексте БЫСТРЕЕ чем с нормальным ИДЕ.

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