Visual Studio 2005 not showing data sources sometimes…

January 9, 2008

For quite a long time I have been bugged by this bug (;)). I have a solution with several projects in it and some of the projects have data sources. The problem is that sometimes when you switch to another project (e.g. by opening this project’s file in the editor) the data sources are empty. Now, there is a simple trick which can help resolving this problem (restarting VS doesn’t help). Open up the .xsd file from your project tree and rename anything there. Save it. Rename it back and save it again. Now your data sources should be once again visible in the data sources view.

Hope this helps someone.


WebDeveloper add-on for Firefox 3.* (all betas and stuff)

January 8, 2008

Update: Web Developer addon now officially supports Firefox 3. Check out history (version 1.1.5). Download the new version here.

Old post about my hack:

Just a note that there are a number of features that do not work correctly in Firefox 3. I am working on fixing these and putting together a new release. You are free to use this hacked version of course, but just a word of warning.

Chris Pederick – Author of Web Developer

Today I tried out the brand new Firefox 3 Beta 2. Nice. I like the new address bar and the ability to resume downloads after closing Firefox. The only thing I needed was WebDeveloper add-on (extension), which, unfortunately, does not work in FF3 yet. So, since I had a bit of add-on development experience I decided to change the max version inside the add-on. No problems occurred. Grab the .xpi (change file extension from “jpg” to “xpi” and open it with FF): web_developer-114-fxfl.jpg

That is all 🙂