Hehe Text Editor: so it begins

So, today I will start telling you about a very simple text editor I am making just for the fun of it. The thought appeared to me while I was extremely bored just “stumbling” sites. I thought – “Hey, instead of wasting your time doing nthing why don’t you make a simple text editor and log the whole proccess in your blog?”. And that is basically it. I wrote up some code. The main window and stuff and that was it.

Anyway, some thing I want to achieve during this “session”:

  1. Tabbed documents
  2. Support for large documents
  3. Windows context integration (like Noepad++ does)
  4. Code highlighting
  5. Code folding
  6. Code structure
  7. Autocomplete for functions and variables

And maybe something will be added later. This is a very minimalistic feature list for me right now. Next time I’ll show you what I’ve done so far.


2 Responses to Hehe Text Editor: so it begins

  1. some more ideas
    8. Tray icon
    9. Code highlighting editing (eg change colors for keywords)
    10. Cross-platform
    11. Sessions
    12. Tags ?
    13. HIG (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_interface_guidelines) GUI

    wish luck, sorry for the pain in the neck 🙂

  2. Nice 🙂
    8. Tray icon – what for?..
    9. We’ll see about this.
    10. No way that is going to happen unless MS ports .NET to other OSs
    11. Woot? Reopen files on start?
    12. Woot?..
    13. Not a feature anyway 🙂

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