Finland Part 2: The Arrival

So, it is already the 16th September. I guess that it is time to write some new information about my adventures in Finland (Tampere to be exact).

I went to Finland by ferry with a friend of mine. Andrew was very helpful during the day, since I had no trouble with luggage and there was always someone to speak with (== !boring). So, when we were on the road about 20 minutes from Tampere I called one of my tutors (tutor – a person, who is assigned to evey new international student, who has to help you in every way) to inform him about my arrival. He offered to meet me on the train station and so we did. It was a nice Finnish guy called Kristian. Anyway, the first thing to do was to go to TOAS and get my dorm key. It was nice, but very slow. I mean we waited for 20 minutes even though there was no queue. Anyway, I signed the contract and got a place at Keskisenkatu, TOAS location 700 (code name “Sepontalot”). They gave me a key and even a key holder for it (the key holder had “TOAS” written on it and on the package it said “Made in Taiwan Made in Taiwan Mad….” 🙂 ). My tutor left at this time and me and Andrew headed for Keskisenkatu street. Found the dorm quite quickly. The location was great – right across the road there are S-Market, Nordea bank, R-Kiosk, a pharmacy and a bus stop. Everything very close. We got the luggage from Andrew’s car and went to the third floor of the G block. Opened the door and saw a corridor. Two other guys were already living in the place – I arrived last. The apartment is really nice. One toilet (toilet + basin), one bathroom (shower + basin), kitchen and a balcony – those are the shared areas. Each of us has an own room, which is approx. 12-14 sq. m. big, which is quite roomy for me. In every room there is a bed (+matrace), a chair (a really crappy one 😦 ), a desk, a small book shelf and a dresser. There are 6 power plugs in total in my room, which is quite nice.

All-in-all, the TOAS dorm is not a luxury one, but still a very decent one. Next time I shall tell you about registration at the university and the orientation week we had (25.-29. Aug). Stay tuned.


One Response to Finland Part 2: The Arrival

  1. ssergeje says:

    хехе, смотрю финские общяги лучше многих (а если стенки не из гипрока, то большинства) эстонских квартир 😀

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