WebDeveloper add-on for Firefox 3.* (all betas and stuff)

January 8, 2008

Update: Web Developer addon now officially supports Firefox 3. Check out history (version 1.1.5). Download the new version here.

Old post about my hack:

Just a note that there are a number of features that do not work correctly in Firefox 3. I am working on fixing these and putting together a new release. You are free to use this hacked version of course, but just a word of warning.

Chris Pederick – Author of Web Developer

Today I tried out the brand new Firefox 3 Beta 2. Nice. I like the new address bar and the ability to resume downloads after closing Firefox. The only thing I needed was WebDeveloper add-on (extension), which, unfortunately, does not work in FF3 yet. So, since I had a bit of add-on development experience I decided to change the max version inside the add-on. No problems occurred. Grab the .xpi (change file extension from “jpg” to “xpi” and open it with FF): web_developer-114-fxfl.jpg

That is all 🙂


Zend Studio 5.5 – Antialiasing the font (tested on Ubuntu 7.04

May 18, 2007

Hi! Today I am very happy to announce that I am now running Ubuntu 7.04!

Now, no long preludes, since this post is about “How the <fluffy bunny> do I get those antialiased fonts to word in Zend Studio?!”. That was the question for me about 5 minutes ago. Well, I really thought that Zend was perfect – usually, if they have this checkbox – it works without tweaking. Now here’s the disappointment part – that Tools -> Preferences -> Desktop -> Use Antialised Fonts didn’t really work. I asked my best friend (his name’s Google) -oh, whyyyy?… Google was silent… he didn’t know. Fortunately, Google remembered that Zend has a forum! Yay! Searched the forum and found the answer.

Here goes:

… in <installdir>/bin, edit ZDE.lax adding the following line at the end


restart ZDE and you should have antialiased fonts… ” (c) pkoebbe

That worked like magic. No problems at all! So, I hope that this helps someone and that my friend Google will soon cache this post.

PS The original post on Zend forums is here.

A great HTML comparison tool for Linux!

October 16, 2006

Ok, I’m writing this post in english to make it international.

What it this post about?.. It’s about a HTML/XML file comparison tool called rfcdiff. Why is it so great? Well there are several reasons:

1) It is free.

2) It generates very nice output.

3) It is easy to install and to use.

4) It is a Linux tool.

It took me about 5 minutes to install rfcdiff. The instructions:

1) Download rfcdiff script from it’s site (it’s a script, just right-click on the Current version link and save it anywhere you want.
2) sudo apt-get install diff wdiff (these are the requred packages)

3) chmod+x rfcdiff

4) Run rfcdiff by typing “./rfcdiff file1 file2” in terminal and open the output file with your favourite browser! That’s all!

I’m sure – you won’t be disappointed in this handy tool!

DMN + Intranet

March 15, 2006

На данный момент классовая библиотека для проекта DMN (мой с братом CMS), включающий в себя Intranet, составляет ~3600 строк кода. Это при том учитывая, что Intranet сделан ещё процентов на 10%.

Это самый большой проект, который я когда-либо писал.

Новостной скрипт для сайта группы Inferno

March 13, 2006

На днях сделал простенький скрипт для добавления/удаления новостей на сайте группы Инферно. В будущем запланированы сдедующие изменения:

  1. Добавление возможности редактирования новостей.
  2. Создание скрипта для управления галлереей.
  3. Редактирование концертных дат, их добавление и удаление

А вообще, скорее всего все эти вещи появятся с результате переустановки сайта на мой CMS.