Hehe Text Editor: so it begins

July 31, 2008

So, today I will start telling you about a very simple text editor I am making just for the fun of it. The thought appeared to me while I was extremely bored just “stumbling” sites. I thought – “Hey, instead of wasting your time doing nthing why don’t you make a simple text editor and log the whole proccess in your blog?”. And that is basically it. I wrote up some code. The main window and stuff and that was it.

Anyway, some thing I want to achieve during this “session”:

  1. Tabbed documents
  2. Support for large documents
  3. Windows context integration (like Noepad++ does)
  4. Code highlighting
  5. Code folding
  6. Code structure
  7. Autocomplete for functions and variables

And maybe something will be added later. This is a very minimalistic feature list for me right now. Next time I’ll show you what I’ve done so far.


Visual Studio 2005 not showing data sources sometimes…

January 9, 2008

For quite a long time I have been bugged by this bug (;)). I have a solution with several projects in it and some of the projects have data sources. The problem is that sometimes when you switch to another project (e.g. by opening this project’s file in the editor) the data sources are empty. Now, there is a simple trick which can help resolving this problem (restarting VS doesn’t help). Open up the .xsd file from your project tree and rename anything there. Save it. Rename it back and save it again. Now your data sources should be once again visible in the data sources view.

Hope this helps someone.


August 8, 2007

зашёл сегодня на сайт еДанки. и прямо офигел. мало того, что я не знал что всё накрылось медным тазом, так они ещё и “страшный” текст туда написали. Ужас какой. Кому лень туда идти, то вот:

If you steal music or movies, you are breaking the law.

Courts around the world — including the United States Supreme Court —
have ruled that businesses and individuals can be prosecuted for illegal

You are not anonymous when you illegally download copyrighted material.

Your IP address is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and has been logged.

Respect the music, download legally.

О ужас! Мой ИП залогили! Что мне делать?! Ааааааааааа! Ко мне же придут! Заберут в американский супер-суд. Прощайте, дамы и господа!

Linux Application Developement

May 25, 2007

God! I really love Linux (especially Ubuntu), I really do. But! Please, someone tell me how the hell is anyone supposed to develop GUI apps here? I know, I know. There are tons of development tools. Glade, MonoDevelop, Anjuta etc. But! I tried them. The only friendly tool was MonoDevelop. But really, I created a Gtk# program (project to be exact) and just screamed! Why you ask? Because I tried to crate a button. It created. No problem. Then I thought that it would be nicer if the button had a pretty background image. Know what? IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO SET A BACKGROUND!!! That sucks big time. I do not need this ugly button with no-good design. Oh, oh. And one more thing. I certainly tried to compile the thing and it DIDN’T work. Because the assembly was not found. Now what the hell is that?.. EVERY dev tool in Linux I saw in NOTHING compared to MSVS (which I use all the time). Nothing I tell you. And don’t try telling me stories about real programmers who can make everything possible. I don’t need the freaking routine! I need a good IDE where I can forget about details. I need normal control out-of-the-box. With options. With yummy features and stuff. Look at .NET! You call Mono a .NET analogue? B-u-l-l-s-h-i-t. Mono is a zillion kilometers away from .NET. Not even a bit close. Well, I know, it’s not version 1.0 at all. But what the point PR-ing it so much? Almost full System.Windows.Forms? Where? Oh, oh, MonoDevelop has a VS2005 project import. Yeah. Sure. It imports. With a detail that nothing works. Edit my GUI code in source view? Do I look like crazy? No way I’m going to do that.

Now, the point is, linux REALLY needs something like MSVS. MonoDevelop is, in my opinion, the closest analog, but it is still far-far away from it. No….. MonoDevelop is even ok, compared to framework.

Oh. One more thing. If you are thinking about writing an angry post about not respecting someone’s work – that’s not right. I think that devs are doing a great job. I really do. I complain about the whole situation. I will never switch to Linux development I guess. I always try to support people doing real things in this world, but in this case I just have to admit – Microsoft is doing a far better job than the Linux world.

Zend Studio 5.5 – Antialiasing the font (tested on Ubuntu 7.04

May 18, 2007

Hi! Today I am very happy to announce that I am now running Ubuntu 7.04!

Now, no long preludes, since this post is about “How the <fluffy bunny> do I get those antialiased fonts to word in Zend Studio?!”. That was the question for me about 5 minutes ago. Well, I really thought that Zend was perfect – usually, if they have this checkbox – it works without tweaking. Now here’s the disappointment part – that Tools -> Preferences -> Desktop -> Use Antialised Fonts didn’t really work. I asked my best friend (his name’s Google) -oh, whyyyy?… Google was silent… he didn’t know. Fortunately, Google remembered that Zend has a forum! Yay! Searched the forum and found the answer.

Here goes:

… in <installdir>/bin, edit ZDE.lax adding the following line at the end


restart ZDE and you should have antialiased fonts… ” (c) pkoebbe

That worked like magic. No problems at all! So, I hope that this helps someone and that my friend Google will soon cache this post.

PS The original post on Zend forums is here.

The best linux FTP client: FileZilla

February 12, 2007

Hello, today I want to tell you about my search for a nice FTP client. First things first – I’ve been using gFTP for a long time and I find it to be nice, but to say the truth it lacks some features and is quite buggy. There is no recursive chmod, it crashes every time when internet stops working (this is important, since I use WiFi all the time), it waits 30 seconds if he got disconnected from server (and I haven’t found a way to stop this except restarting gFTP). That is not all, but I think that you get the point 🙂

And this is the best FTP client I knew for my Ubuntu Edgy until now. Today I found out that the FileZilla FTP client is being made cross-platform. I use that one all the time in Windows and let me put it short – “IT ROCKS!!!”. No, really, it has a very nice site manager, it does not crash (not once since I installed it on Windows and I’ll need some time to see how it goes under linux), has a great user interface, transfer queue and so on. Also it allows you to install themes (icons for buttons) ^_^

Overall, I find FileZilla to be the best choise for Linux. It is still in beta, but it is A LOT more stable that gFTP. So, if you have Ubuntu Edgy installed and you’re wiling to try it out – “apt-get install filezilla”! Don’t know about others, but Edgy repositories have it.

And in the end I’ll post an overview and features from FileZilla official site:


FileZilla is a fast and reliable FTP client for windows with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface.


Among others, the features of FileZilla include the following:

  • Easy to use
  • Multilingual (English, German, French, Japanese, just to name a few)
  • Strong encryption support using SFTP over SSH and FTP over SSL/TLS
  • Supports transfer resuming and files larger than 4 GiB
  • Site Manager
  • Queue support
  • Proxy support
  • Speed limits
  • MODE Z transfer compressing
  • … and more!

В довесок об Apple QuickTime

January 18, 2007

Вот не отстану я от этого плеера 🙂 Сегодня я наткнулся на него в Tucows. Там написано:

  • Sports a small and attractive interface – ну да, писал я об этом в прошлом посте. Хотя в принципе да, не могу сказать, что дизайн гуя плох (этим яблочники всегда отличались).
  • The range of formats this viewer can open is amazing- о да! точно! а то что он виснет на avi и не считает wmv за видео – это, конечно же не в счёт.
  • Includes in the installation browser plug-ins to heighten your QuickTime experience on the web – да, это единственная стоящая фича. Хотя, у mplayer’а плагин на много более функциональный. Кстати, надо его попробовать под вынем поставить – может удастся заменить яблоко.

В общем, Tucows резко упал в моих глазах. Quicktime’у поставили 5/5. Да, для ясности могу сказать – то что у меня сейчас стоит это последняя версия плеера (скачал позавчера, по-моему).

И ещё, уже у самих яблочников написано:

  • Massive Cross-platform Platform – это типа, мак и вин? И это по вашему Massive?

В общем, поражают меня такие наглые заявления. Страх и ужас, честное слово.