Dissappointed in WP anti-spam

April 23, 2009

Today I was really dissappointed by the WordPress anti-spam protection. I would guess that they are still using Akismet (?), but it does not matter – I still get a lot of spam-comments like “hey, we got stuff, come and buy”.

Of course, this can be explained by the fact, that all of those undetected comments are in Russian and are not supported by WP’s defence. No, it cannot be explained like that. Why? Come on! It is 2009 and I expect such well-known brands as WP to support and protect both English blogs as well as all the other languages. I do not care how they do it – they simply have to do it somehow. Why do I have to come here and see tons of new spam-comments turning my blog into a dump of ads? There is, obviously, no answer to that. And not to mention the famous bug of WP spam protection, when it could mark the author’s comment as spam too. Been there, done that 🙂

On the whole I really thought that the times, when people had to mess around with configurations and come up with hacks to get Russian language to work were gone. Looks like it is too soon to celebrate 😦


Зидан и все-все-все

July 12, 2006

Я думаю, что все видели финал ЧМ06. Во всяком случае, даже если и не видели, то слышали о поведении Зидана, за которое его удалили с поля в конце матча. Вот виодео – “решай проблемы как Зидан”. Не мог не заблогить, хотя я и не люблю такие посты.

YouTube – ZIDANE a new way to solve problems.. make it like zidane

Теперь Зидану спуску не дадут с его жестом любвеобилия на финал ЧМ06. Чуваки прикалываются…

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