Moving my blog!

May 20, 2009

Good day, everyone!

I am glad to announce the opening of my new blog, which is now located at! Please, come and visit me.


YouTube – 500 Internal Server Error. A nice joke from YouTube.

July 28, 2007

So today I hit an internal server error @YouTube. It said that it would be nice of me to report the thing. “Well”, – I though, – “I could report something once in a lifetime”. I decided to report. The error page had a nice link to the report form. Clicked it, filled it in. The error page asked me to include some kind of encoded abra-cadabra in my report (example of this arba-cadabra: “0rF3m6tOvt-q5Dlktd3-fpLj8oGDzySl21207UB … … … Rr7B1cjENm_TJhEY5_cagqyxHYMPi9HjU3o=”). Ok, no problemo! Copy-paste into the “Message” box. Nothing else to do – I press “Submit”. Well-well-well, what have we got here? An error! Here it is:

Please enter less than 350 characters (currently 2044 characters)

Wow! They ask me to submit some debug info and after that tell, that it is too long. Sheesh. That was stu-pid. Way to go, YouTube!

Про собачку мусю! (Баянище!)

October 9, 2006

См. под катом.

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October 6, 2006

– Федя, а кого бы ты хотел трахнуть больше всего? – спрашивает он.
– Алису Селезневу, – отвечаю я, не задумываясь.

Kool IM

July 10, 2006

Kool IM

Нашёл этот сайт – должен скащать, что очень удобно. Вкратце – это онлайн клиент для AIM, ICQ, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo и Google Talk. Заметил вот только, что с русским там проблемы. Показывает вопросиками. Но вообще, зачёт. Рекоммендую.

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Microsoft Redesigns iPod package

March 15, 2006

Отличное видео от мелкомягких!!!

Я много смеялся.